Have You Seen This Man

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Smooth as silk and iron tough
Lucky, smart, earns more than enough
Five miles tall with at least thirteen arms
No one alive can resist his charm

Where is this heart breaker, why you would not believe
How he got so many secrets up that sleeve
You know he’d have the nation eating out of his hand
If only we could track him down
Have you seen this man

Style like it’s going outta’ style, muscles for days
Faster than a speeding ticket the train that he’s on is never delayed
Perfect height, perfect weight, perfect SATs, a dream come true
Every day his socks match and never does he find anything unwanted on his shoes

Wherefore art thou Romeo the people wanna’ see
The brightness of your smile c’mon you gorgeous absentee
Our ever-loving world would bend to his every command
But no one has a clue where he is
Have you seen this man

Two left feet and an old tuxedo t-shirt
Who’d have thought to ask this complete introvert
Stumbling down the stairs like a busted string of pearls
Hiding Mr. Wonderful from the rest of the world

How could we have found him in such a subtle hiding place
Never did his splendor appear upon his face
Far and wide surely anyone would be his biggest fan
Too bad we couldn’t spot him in the crowd
Have you seen this man

 - May 2016 -