Grandma’s Gone Rogue

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I got a crazy tale to tell you that’ll blow you away
About a woman from the ’30s who’s destroying cliches
She’s got a streak of what the lawyer called a curious case
Just ask the people lining up for her perplexing parade
Even the Mormons ringing doorbells and the nuns are afraid
They never saw a sweet old lady be such a renegade

Grandma’s gone rogue in her power chair
She cranked the music to eleven and she cut off her hair
You better call up all the neighbors say they gotta’ beware
This hasn’t happened since the ’80s and nobody’s prepared

Oh all the doctors and the nurses they remember her name
Cuz’ she’s a rebel with the pedal to the metal in flames
And she’ll be burning up the rubber ‘til we all go insane
Good gravy grandma’s gone rogue and she’ll never be the same

I used to know her as the woman at the end of the road
Who read the paper in the morning sipped her tea nice and slow
And every afternoon her TV aired a new episode
Her favorite dramas the soap operas and the comedy shows
It was the same for several decades at her humble abode
But not today ‘cuz something snapped and she’s about to explode

 - March 2017 -