Good and Lost

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I thought I read the label, imagine my surprise
When two or three ingredients not listed were inside
A bottle is to beauty as a river is to land
Your inspiration rises with the tide

Her body is the ocean, so salty on my lips
The current casts my compass down below the wayward ship
Adrift without an anchor or captain at the helm
The wood, the rope, the iron in my grip

So it’s 30 knots to starboard, then open up your sails
Through caution to the wind and let the elements prevail
I know just how to find it but can’t quite get across
But I steer the stormy water good and lost

Dry land was not much drier 3,000 Miles away
The bottle still was after this coastal castaway
My feet were on the pavement, my heart was underground
Her lashes drew my silhouette in gray

The jury would convict me of pride and lust and greed
If only they weren’t fooled by all the tears my eyes could bleed
But study well the landscape I did with map in hand
And knew exactly where the road would lead

So it’s a left from where you exit, you’ll see Museum Mile
Turn clockwise at the corner, then cruise a little while
I know just how to find it but can’t quite get across
Then I hit the dead end highway good and lost

Now if you feel directed, compelled to do the same
First reach up to your temple and try to find your brain
One visit would be plenty, and most make two or three
Tomorrow just the memory will remain

The question isn’t simply why would a man so choose
A steamer trunk of heartache, a stomach full of booze
But knowing where it takes him and how hard to return
Can one day at a time this man refuse

So it’s a ticket to the concert, and a pair of brand new socks
The way the sunlight fills the morning and your courage is unlocked
Yeah I thought I knew the answers and it wasn’t worth the cost
How surprising is the comfort now when I get good and lost

 - February 2016 -