Give Two Shits

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There’s a million singers with a billion catchy tunes
From Sunset and Vine to the China Wall
In a trillion years spent on 16th Avenue
Not one pair of ears could hear ‘em all

I got a busted compass it only points to what I want
Couldn’t find true north to save its hyde
Not the best as a GPS but that’s never been the point
Turn around now let me clarify

This is not a refusal to give credit where it’s due
Jimi, Joni, and Johnny are tried and true
Four generations of humans have a right to feel their feelings
Bless the ones who care, I could give two shits about Bob Dylan

Lennon’s overrated may he always rest in peace
Plant is grand but Page is Sloppy Joe
Even Elvis Presley feels a little incomplete
As I tune my shortwave radio

Give me facts and figures, give me faces names and dates
Disengage my heart and bring it on
The challenge becomes bigger to celebrate the greats
Could the very best be yet unknown

Let me hear the singer with a brand new song to sing
Open up my ears and clear the air
Time to shine the spotlight on a younger set of strings
May the message catch me unaware

 - May 2017 -