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Alright let me cut to the chase
The meat and potatoes will only take a second
Look here between the verse and the inverse
Right in the middle of the smoking section

An ice carving begins with a big frozen block
Like a sculpture the negative space is enormous
So this is the part where I peel off the bark
From everything that doesn’t look like a chorus

Sometimes the sun don’t shine never quite hit the perfect crime
Penny ain’t heads every toss you know how these things unfold
Toss another log on the fire dig a little deeper this time
Any luck it leads to a couple gems through all the coal

Fuck it Billy let’s do it live
Between hits let a few strikes cross the plate
Dealer can’t hit twenty one every time
Just don’t sit with your back to the gate

Find your furnace and fill it to the top
With whatever you got lying around
Color of the smoke may vary
But the fire will burn all night

Somewhere on a bar stool at the end of the world
He is carving out a future with a shovel and a pipe
Downright heartland mainstay for the South Dakota girls
They flicker like a lightning bug tricky to describe

 - July 2016 -