From Me To You

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Pretend it’s morning for a moment
And all the birds are swapping songs
Bring back the beauty you remember
When you were certain you belong

So should the sky be dark above you
And home is nowhere to be found
Trust where the road ahead is leading
Keep both feet planted on the ground

Here in the spaces the hiding places
Between your dreams and where you are
A look of wonder two strangers under
The magic neon of the bar

In all the searches our banks and churches
Fall somewhere short of tried and true
But here’s to hoping your ears are open
To something sweet from me to you

So hesitation in our hearts
And no idea what’s up ahead
What may seem foolish when we start
The days may demonstrate instead

Beyond the pictures on the wall
Above the ghosts of yesterday
Forget the many desperate calls
Let all the questions fade away

 - December 2017 -