French Toast

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Did you ever have one of those days
Where it’s written all over your face
The only thing wrong is everything

Well take it from a guy who knows
Get yourself a little French Toast
Pretty soon you’ll start to sing

Fly me to Paris up up and away
Take me where the berets rule and nobody has a bad day
Lemme’ see the Moulin Rouge and the Champs Elysee
Don’t forget the baguette lunch and toast it up the French way

Did you ever see a depressed mime
Well I did one time
He had a striped shirt and a long cigarette

Saw him switch from frightful to delightful
Yeah he went from awful to Eiffel
Asked him how, he said “hon hon hon, France is good as it gets”

 - October 2021 -                                                                                                                          #504