Forgive Me

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Let’s pretend somebody hurt you
And let’s pretend that it was me
Speaking purely hypothetically let’s say
I am guilty as a man can be

If there’s three sides to every story
Your side and my side and the truth
Feelings matter the facts don’t mean a thing
And you’d forgive me knowing you

Just because the judge has mercy
And even though the jury throws it out
Just because you’re to damn sweet to hurt me
Scales of justice still do weigh me down

So you forgive me that’s all well and good
I can’t forgive myself even if I should

Let’s imagine you get even
And let’s imagine it felt great
Long overdue by anybody’s measure
But very worth the wait

If there’s a moral to the story
Some truth on which we can depend
There’s grace and mercy there’s forgiveness
But there’s no feeling like revenge

 - February 2023 -                                                                                                                       #650