Fold A Map

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They oughtta’ make a movie or write a book about me
What with all my superpowers and feats that I’ve achieved
Move over Batman and forget all about The Flash
I can fold a map

Oh that’s not all there is, no I’m just gettin’ started
I can remember everything I need at the supermarket
Yep I can eat just one Pringle and leave the rest in the pack
Hell I can even fold a map

I can get customer service on the line without breaking a sweat
Or buy 10 avocados and keep ‘em all equally fresh
And I can solve a crossword puzzle with both hands tied behind my back
So maybe I can’t forget about you but I can fold a map

Now I can put Humpty Dumpty back together again
Without hardly tryin’ I can catch that gingerbread man
I can put a shirt on without getting deodorant on the back
And that’s not all I can fold a map

Well I can believe it’s not butter I can have my cake and eat it too
I could put baby in a corner, but that’s something I’d never do
And I can teach an old dog new tricks you bet I can
Sure and I can even fold a map

I can split a cupcake in two perfect halves to share
Or walk into the kitchen and remember exactly why I’m there
And I can make the sound of someone clapping with just one hand
So maybe I can’t forget about you least I can fold a map

 - April 2022 -                                                                                                                               #568