Flowers Are For Suckers

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From a state shaped like a glove more of less
Me and him we headed east hoping for the best
Left behind my Louisville slugger and I’m sometimes way off base
Never mind the home team leave it somewhere back out west

So I got this empty table

From the last turn of the century to 1939
Everything looks different now and that’s just mighty fine
Tomorrow cannot answer all of yesterday’s appeals
Only in this moment can we see the storyline

So I got this empty table

From pizza to pastrami, from asleep to wide awake
It went from complicated to as simple as we can make it
On a yellow piece of paper “get your package at the counter”
And I knew just what it was yeah there was no mistaking

So I got this empty table

To an office blue and white off Eerie’s southern banks
And a town that’s bright all night from the Mets to the Yanks
Well you know that you’re my brother but flowers are for suckers
Now my table ain’t so empty this is just me saying thanks

 - December 2016 -