Five Across Is You

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On our doorstep every Sunday rolled up in a plastic bag
All the stories fit for printing black and white front to back
I can’t wait to flip the pages past the cartoons and classifieds
Start to scribble in the answers same old thing I always find

One across is lonely like before you came around
Seven down is perfect how my life is looking now
Eleven down is just four letters the diamond that you wear
Twelve across is where I’ll follow you yep that’s anywhere

Eight, nine, and ten are something borrowed, old, and blue
And five across is you

You’re looking beautiful as always fluffy slippers and a robe
Got a couple eggs from our backyard over easy on the stove
Oh I love the look you give me when you ask what’s on my mind
The clues are getting closer but they still can’t get it right

Fourteen across is heaven like where I woke up today
Twenty down is patience baby you were worth the wait
Fifteen across is sugar ‘cause honey you’re so sweet
Sixteen down is a long one everything you gave to me

Two, three, and four mean I got nothing left to lose
And five across is you

You reach across the table and fill my empty plate
Pick up the paper then you turn to me say

Six across is laughter ‘cause it’s always in the air
Thirteen down is magic in the memories that we share
Seventeen across is sunshine even when it rains
Twenty one is music every time I hear your name

Eighteen and nineteen bring me nothing but the truth
And five across is you

 - April 2019 -                                                                                         #274