Eyes On The Queen

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 * co-written with Dan Raza

I was born a pauper
With a monkey on my back
The greatest trick I ever learned
Was how to switch a pack

Played with presidents and prostitutes
Working stiffs like me and royalty
I burned a hole in every pocket
From London Town to Tennessee

People ask me how’d you do it
I’ve been watching you all night
I know that you you’ve been cheating
But I can’t figure it out right

Some come to me with handshakes
Others come at me with knives
Some are waiting in the alley
Some are waiting with their wives

Well I should have seen it coming
Should have known my time was up
You can’t stay in play a game like this so long
And still have beginners luck

She was a red headed woman
With breasts so soft and round
The kind who’ll cause a house of cards
To come a tumbling down

And she held onto all the aces
She knew how to play a heart
You have to sleep with one eye open
If you’re swimming with the sharks

Well it all went south one evening
I guess she learned a trick or two
Its not how you play the cards
But the man in front of you

This whole world is full of hobos
Trying to win back what they lost
Patch the holes up in their pockets
They don’t care what it costs

There’s no escaping from the hustle
No-one’s ever far from ruin
It’s either you who’s getting screwed
Else you’re the one doing the screwing

It’s not about the dealer it’s not about the king
It’s not about the joker or any of these things
It’s all about the bounty and getting out clean
So put your hands on the silver and your eyes on the queen

 - November 2018 -                                                                                                                 #483