Emotional Amnesia

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I guess I’m blessed if I remember
That I’m not the only one
Who does it all the hard way
Before I drop the loaded gun

Basic instinct doesn’t help me
Surrender never comes to mind
No it seems to take a fair amount of pain
Almost every time

Heaven knows that I forget what makes me happy
God forbid the sun would shine
Hell is holding on too tight to something broken
Oh the heart can be so blind

Yeah this emotional amnesia seems to get me
So I’m asking for some grace
Nothing’s perfect but it might just make the morning
A little brighter anyway

No sooner had I sat here
Beside a window facing east
Than emerged a single blackbird
Out of hiding in the trees

He took one look at his reflection
Then crashed himself into the glass
And as he fell I felt connected
To the shaky soul he was

 - May 2018 -