Edit That Part Out

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The stars were shining the moon was full
Your hair was silky in the twilight calm and cool
We traced the water step by step
Beside the harbor when the world had gone to bed

And it was epic like a movie
When a perfect ending turns it all around
Never mind all the ways you fooled me
In the memories I edit that part out

Our days were golden our nights were sweet
There was magic in the moments in between
We kissed the rain drops in the summer glow
And in winter we made angels in the snow

It was worth it the years of hoping
Picture perfect up until it all went down
Forget the fact that my heart was broken
When I think of you I edit that part out

Every autumn around November
I could let regret surround me even now
But I choose not to remember
When I think of you I edit that part out

 - October 2020 -                                                                                                                              #405