Easy Answers

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Oh God I must confess
Against the driving rain
My eyes are seeing red
I need your help again

I’m falling on my knees
To beg to be reborn
Reach out and take my hand
And save me from the storm

There are no easy answers
The image is unclear
The dash has no directions
To where we go from here

No matter what I’ve done
I cannot stray too far
This human heart is stunned
By just how weak we are

And still we find our way
By grace toward the light
With eyes as wide as day
To reach the other side

There are no easy answers
No places left to hide
It’s us against the question
Of how we feel inside

So I’m raising up my voice
Yeah I’m ready to be saved
May the truth cut through the noise
And the people be amazed

There are no easy answers
No magic crystal ball
It’s trial and tribulation
Until the curtain call

 - June 2017 -