Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad

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 * co-written with Sam Cooper

Who ever thought of dyin’ as romantic
Takin’ one last breath up on the stage
I won’t be teary eyed or tragic
When I say goodbye and drift away

Thank you all for comin’ out to see me
I don’t do this song much anymore
Just a few more notes and I’ll be leavin’
Let ‘em linger as I’m carried out the door

A legacy of all the words
I wrote and sang and spoke and heard
Underneath my Goorin Bros hat

One last strum across these strings
Lookin’ back wouldn’t change a thing
If you’re livin’ right then dyin’ ain’t so bad

Started out an hour south of Boston
Feels like forever since ‘82
Went from singin’ with the X-Rays live in Austin
To writin’ tunes for Townes and Emmylou

Regina with a sun dress in the front seat
A Guild and a Gibson in the back
Somewhere outside Bowlin’ Green Kentucky
Scribbed every line to Big Cadillac

Thank God I spent my days doin’ as I pleased
Before I took the stage
That night on Santa Rosa Beach

 - February 2020 -                                                                                                                        #318