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Been talkin’ with someone lately guess a couple weeks
Seems like it’s bringin’ out a new side of me
Ask myself this bad or good am I doin’ how I should
Maybe all I need to know is it’s different

Been walkin’ down a street I never used to know
Not as busy still gets me where I need to go
Pretty safe at night just strange without all them lights
Maybe all that matters is it’s different

How does the sky know when it needs to snow
Or the sun when it needs to shine
Sam Cooke said a change was gonna’ come
Maybe it’s right on time

Been thinkin’ I might want to make a move
Can’t tell where I think just somewhere new
Sure I worry ‘bout leavin’ each season but ain’t no hurry
All that matters is it’s different

 - December 2021 -                                                                                                                   #538