Diecast Aeroplane

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When I was five years old
I stole a diecast aeroplane from the corner store
I’ve always had this silly habit
Of holding onto things just a little too tight
I didn’t mean to take it, but that’s no excuse
So my mom made me walk back inside
I was in tears as I showed it to the man behind the counter
But I think he understood

When I was nine years old, I stole
Twenty five dollars from a Christmas tree in a church
There were paper mittens filled with generous donations
And I rooted past the checks to find the cash
That afternoon I threw is squarely on the steps
Then with false alarm I picked it up
Mama let me spend it, but within a couple nights
I was having dreams that I was running from the law

When I was thirteen years, I stole a skateboard
From the sidewalk just outside somebody’s house
I thought awhile and since their house looked pretty nice
Well, I figured they could afford another one
Within a week I had removed the plastic wheels
And my friend painted my initials on the bottom of it
We stood like sultans in the snow on the skateboard with no wheels
And then we flew down Saint Mary’s hill

When I was seventeen, I stole a drum set from my high school
In an unmarked big brown box
I rode the elevator from the second to first floor
Then walked home with a pretty strange look on my face
But a couple days of rock and roll in a basement
And I could hear a voice I thought was gone for good
So I packed that unmarked big brown back up right away
And took the elevator back upstairs

 - June 2004 -                                                                                  #036