Did You Get That Memo

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Life looks pretty weird right now New York to Sacramenno
Kinda’ like a script by Quentin Tarantenno
With murder hornets looting riots and Covid Ninetenno
Preachers who predicted it keep askin’ did you get that memo

Stuck indoors for months livin’ life in quarantenno
Netflixin’ and chillin’ never mind the innuenno
Wonderin’ if we’ll win or lose or somewhere in betwenno
But we’re openin’ up America ain’t we now did you get that memo

There’s a second wave a’comin’ that’s another whole dilemmo
While we’re brunchin’ on the patios and bettin’ at the casennos
Packin’ in the people like a can of dang sardennos
Look alive we gotta’ thrive says forty five did you get that memo

Yes he did it all for us gonna’ make this country great againno
Some kinda’ Twin Peaks Twilight Zone version of a song by Bruce Sprinstenno
Cross my heart and hope to see a change of office soon amenno
In the meantime I been voicin’ my concern did you get that memo

 - June 2020 -                                                                                                                                 #364