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Gather ‘round ye pilgrims if you want to hear a tale
So chilling it could haunt a ghost or beneath its cotton veil
Beware be scared be careful dare we listen lest we hear
A cautionary story filled with terror truth and fear

The legend is there was a man a long long time ago
As mean as any cowboy and as crooked as a bow
But worse by far than any trait one might consider sin
He couldn’t seem to stop himself from wrecking everything

Imagine if you will a man so hapless so inept
That even evil fled away as far as it could get
He would go down in history as darkness reincarnate
But after each act deemed so dark he cried out “Oh gorsh darn it”

No doubt you’ve heard of Jesse James and probably Wild Bill
And then there’s Old Butch Cassidy and that Sundance Kid
Well here’s a name you need to know a man so lost it hurts
He messed the west up something fierce and they called him Wyatt Derp

 - September 2022 -                                                                                                                  #590