Dear Friends

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Dear friends we are gathered here today
In the company of each other
Come together to honor and celebrate
Our coats of many colors

The thing about friendship I believe it is encouraged
That each one is something we choose
The sake of conversation here’s some kinds I’ve heard of
To figure out who’s who

Well there’s big career friends
And more austere friends
Some insincere friends
I got those too

Face their fears friends
Grin ear to ear friends
Let’s get weird friends
And them’s a hoot

Yeah you got your film premier friends
Grinds my gears friends
Once a year friends
Sometimes that’s more than enough

Because they’re here friends
Or nowhere near friends
But the near and dear friends
Them’s the ones you love

Dear friends some are kindly some are kind of gruff
And some are crazy as a loon
Most speak proper though a few been known to cuss
And the best ones tell the truth

Looking back if I really do examine
I had all sorts of friends and I don’t regret it
Got a list of names of acquaintances and companions
To whom I’m most indebted

Fishing off the pier friends
Tear in their beer friends
Non-binary queer friends
We’re all beautiful in God’s eyes

Hipster beard friends
Tattooed and pierced friends
It ain’t clear friends
Yeah it takes all kinds

New frontier friends
Snicker and sneer friends
Bought ‘em at Sears friends
They was sellin’ two for one

Bagel and schmear friends
Parking in rear friends
But the near and dear friends
Them’s the ones you love

 - March 2022 -                                                                                                                              #554