Cracks In The Bridge

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 * co-written with Chris Gantry *

You walk outside and what do you see
See the whole world crumblin’ down
Hear the people callin’
Whatcha’ got whatcha’ gonna’ do
When despair is the only sound

See an ambulance rollin’ by
Your sweet mama lyin’ inside

Run back in and pack a little bag
Grab a few bucks lyin’ on the sink
You better hurry now
Deafening noise planes fallin’ from the sky
Ain’t got a second to blink

We’s in some kinda’ fix
Everybody the bricks

Cracks in the bridge
Sinkholes in the dirt
You know what we did baby
Now it’s startin’ to hurt

We got no cement
Too late to fix it all up
It’s gonna’ come crashin’ down on toppa’ your
Brand new Dodge Ram truck

Half a million leavin’
Runnin’ outta’ Eden
Something’s gotta’ give
Cracks in the bridge

Gotta’ reckon’ with the changin’ times
Too poor to pass the buck
It’s all a gamble now
Karma’s comin’ and she’s mad as hell
Like a Colt .45 to your head pow pow

Win lose live or die
Ran outta’ tears to cry

 - May 2022 -                                                                                                                                 #571