Crack The Code

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 * co-written with Sarah Harralson

My lucky number’s 90210
Sure be nice to shop on Rodeo
House in the hills Mercedes Benz
Fake tans and Botox my best friend

We all dream of a little more
Wanna’ unlock a better door

Ain’t no law no higher math
If we don’t love the place where we’re at
It’s a combination of changing
One part luck one part location
If we don’t like the digits we’ve been dealt
We don’t have to stay standing still
We can get to anywhere we wanna’ go
All we gotta’ do is crack the code

I heard about the 21217
5 mpgs in a rundown station wagon
But they make 90220
Look as shiny as 02554

We all dream of a little more
Than a cheap air mattress on the floor

So if you wanna’ move a little ways up the road
Break that C-O-D-E code

 - January 2022 -                                                                                                                      #545