Couldn’t If I Tried

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I gave up on leavin’ you
Back in ninety nine
Every failed escape from jail
Was only wasted time

I am resigned to stickin’ around
Until you break these ties
Well I’d do myself
But I couldn’t if I tried

You’re the only thing I found
That always hurt so good
I kept wishin’ for another way out
But I knew I never could

There’s just somethin’ ‘bout you
Seems to make me walk that line
Well I would run for the door
But I couldn’t if I tried

Shouldn’t be so hard
To leave it all behind
Maybe now I’ve hurt enough
I’ll try again tonight

Proved beyond a doubt
Long as you want me
All these chains you’ve put me in
Reach far as the eye can see

You’ll never let me go
There ain’t no reason to fight
Anybody else would hate your guts
But I couldn’t if I tried

 - April 2022 -                                                                                                                               #569