Come Home

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 * co-written with Matthew Chinitz

Told me when you left you were searching
For what you didn’t know
You seem to think the answer’s running
So I let you go

Sure I been wondering what you’re seeing
Out there flying down the road
Won’t you tell me what you’re thinking
And if you’re thinking ‘bout coming home

They say go big or go home
Well this home’s pretty big in here alone
And when you left I didn’t chase you
This was something you had to do
So I just want you to know
That I want you to come home

Read about how you can breathe again
In the last line of your letter
Mountain air goes down easy
Seemed like you’re doing better

Passing pine trees and gas stations
And beaten down old farms
Getting lost in all that silence
While you’re staring at the stars

 - January 2022 -                                                                                                                        #546