Combination to my Heart

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Where do I begin? Honey how did you
When you looked at me how’d you see right through
Through my loudest notes and my biggest smile
How’d you know that underneath it all I was just a child

And I just want love, and I’ll give it back
And I got so much that I want to tell you, Jack
It’s been locked away, all I have to share
What a grand surprise that you arrived and found me there

We learn to guard against the scars
As if we’re betting both our futures on the cards
But I called today to say thank the stars
That you figured out the combination to my heart

So I opened up a little slow at first
And then the words came pouring out unrehearsed
Everything I feel, all my questions too
I just can’t believe how good it feels to be with you

Maybe this is why baby from the start
So many winding roads we traveled were so hard
But we made it here and today is ours
And you can keep the combination to my heart

I know it’s still a little scary and we can’t see up ahead
But if you let me I will carry all the heavy stuff instead
And we’ll drive off in the distance from sunrise to sunset
We can paint the sky together like a pair of silhouettes

 - May 2015 -                                                                         #088