Cincinnati And Me

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Yeah I got a favorite bar
‘Bout a twenty minute drive
A busted clock above the door
It’s always quarter after five

Billy’s gamblin’ on the Rams
Reds look good to me and Steve
Someone’s winnin’ big tonight
Bet it won’t be me

Said she can’t take another day
Of watching me drink away
The man she loved and wanted to believe

Against all odds I’m hopin’ she won’t go
But I don’t wanna’ know ‘til I get back home
Time to double down on Cincinnati and me

More times than I can count
She came and bailed me out
Drunk and too damn proud
A loser in his Crown

Like an angel in a Chevy Cavalier
She couldn’t understand
When I pawned her daddy’s watch
And my weddin’ band

If they win I’ll be the king of world
Until the sun comes up again
Either way I know one of these days
I’m losin’ my best friend

 - October 2019 -                                                                                                               #302