Christmas on Clinton and Delancey

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I found Christmas in New York City
In a 4th floor walk up where everyone’s Chinese
On a Thursday afternoon walking back from East Broadway
With a coffee and a package under my left arm

I’m gonna’ quit staying up until it’s almost morning
And get back to getting moving when the sunlight breaks
But for now I gotta’ keep on with the same old same old
It’s not gonna’ get me rich but it’ll get me by

I got about 100 letters that I need to start sending
And twice that many phone calls just waiting on me
Guess I’ll get a move on as soon as I tell Amy
How it feels to come back home to 98 Clinton

Where a brand new guitar is just waiting in the hallway
And it’s signed by the man with the golden voice
Then as if that’s not enough there’s a card with a button
That you press and a cartoon Mexican dances and he sings

Feliz Navidad, I hope you’re happy and you’re healthy
Did you open up the socks? They should keep you warm and dry
Congratulations on your concerts and your drive across the country
North America’s your playground, better start treating it like a kid

Now the man who taught you everything, how to sing and how to feel
He drew this peacock and this dragon, here you can have a copy
So remember to keep smiling, someone’s watching over you
If this is Christmas, Santa sure knows how to light up this big city

 - December 2013 -                                                                                  #080