Cardboard Heart

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His tires are always muddy and the trunk is always full
The back seat looks like hurricane Irene
And all across dashboard and the rusty bumper too
Are souvenirs from everywhere he’s been

There’s a sticker from Atlanta of 101.5
And a Red Wings logo hanging off his keys
There’s a plastic pink flamingo with a little painted smile
That reminds him of the Palm Beach summer breeze

But of all the many memories, the trinkets and the gifts
The one he feels so lucky to possess
Is a heart made out of cardboard with a magic marker list
Of the Reasons Why My Daddy Is The Best

Because he takes me out for ice cream every Sunday afternoon
Lets me sing along with with radio even when I’m out of tune
He helps with all my homework then he lets me play outside
And he wipes away the tear drops anytime I cry
Well this cardboard is too small to write the rest
Of all the Reasons Why My Daddy Is The Best

His beat up stainless thermos is ready every day
Before the sunrise has a chance to break
And he’s picking up a truckload of anything of earth
When there ain’t no one else in town awake

The price of gas is rising way faster than his pay
And he needs a new transmission in a flash
But the 2x4s need hauling and the dirt don’t drive itself
And he’s got no other way to make the cash

Not to mention every morning just before he leaves the house
He gives his little girl a goodbye kiss
And it always keeps him moving until the sun goes down
Remembering that magic marker list

Well it’s paycheck up to paycheck and it never seems to end
So he daydreams of a jackpot every day
But the rent is always early and the refrigerator’s full
And it’s worth it when he hears his daughter say

 - August 2018 -