Can’t Call You Baby

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God the radio here sucks tonight, pass the noodles I’m starving
It’s the second door on the right, don’t you want one more beer?
Peel ‘em all off and hit the light there’s no need to be graceful
Don’t you dare, oh but I just might; it’s a good thing I’m here

I can’t call you honey ‘cuz you ain’t all that sweet
I can’t call you kitten because you’re not that discreet
I can’t call you angel ‘cuz your wings are on fire
Guess I better just start calling or you’ll call me a liar

God your eyes are so dark, dear; black coffee and porcelain
Like the three silent leap years because we both ain’t too smart
Just in case you forget me dear, think of Texas but hotter
Oh I sure hope you’ll let me here make an X by your heart

I can’t call you cowgirl ‘cuz you took off your boots
I can’t call you siren because we’re both in cahoots
I can’t call you princess ‘cuz your crown’s on the floor
So the next time I call you come on back and get some more

Two pairs of shoes and a belt that don’t fit
Nice new tattoo but it don’t mean shit
Dust off the chains, untie the lace and hold back your hair
You can’t stop the seasons, the change in your face or the cold country air

I can’t call you darling ‘cuz that girl is dead
I can’t call you sweetheart because it fucks with my head
I can’t call you baby, ‘cuz you’re older than me
So the next time I call you what the hell should it be?

 - February 2014 -                                                                     #081