Biggest Octopus Ever

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Well it’s something I thought was pure fiction
Just a ploy to sell tabloids and such
Turns out they got it all perfectly right to the letter

It’s been known by several descriptions
Like a monster or creature of dread
It’s the biggest … octopus … ever

What the books couldn’t teach I’m observing
That it’s real and lives in the sea
But I don’t have to live my life frozen in terror

See it’s friendly and that much is certain
After all it’s been kind to me
It’s the biggest … octopus … ever

Well it’s wide as the great state of kansas
It’s tall as the sky and it’s wet
And it lives longer than any human can measure

Yes we can’t really quite understand it
All we know is we’ll never forget
The biggest … octopus … ever

It has eyes the size of the ocean
And a heart that’s salty and warm
It’s every bit as mysterious as it is clever

I will say it once more in slow motion
So take heed as you have been warned
It’s the biggest … octopus … ever

 - July 2021 -                                                                                                                                   #481