Better Days

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She bought a ticket on a cross country train
Just for a cowboy to kiss her again
Like any love song he won’t soon forget
He just make take his time paying off the debt

It’s funny how we dream of better days
One day you’ve just got to let that train take you away

Once in the rain with a real pretty girl
I was so high that I thought I owned the world
But I’m not a king and she’s not around
So that old summer high is coming down

It’s funny how we’re older every time
I’m leaning on the shoulders that I once was lifting high

Krista’s fifteen and she don’t remember me
Eight years ago I was watching over she
Ten months from now she will paint this town red
This fall’s the last time she’ll be alone in bed

It’s funny how the hands that I now hold
Make me feel a little like I might be getting old

By now I’ve seen what I had not before
Love’s just like any other drug, you need more and more
It starts with a rush then it slows to a drag
And before too long we all just pack our bags

It’s funny how I’m singing this again
Every time I start to soon enough I reach the end

 - September 2004 -                                                             #039