Begin Again

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They say we gotta’ take the good with the bad
We were the greatest and the worst each other ever had
Plenty times I missed you and you know that’s a fact
But it couldn’t have gone no different looking back

So maybe those days disappeared
Time is funny that way
And maybe you don’t wanna’ hear
Every word I meant to say

Or maybe we’re both better off
Ain’t no need to explain
I know I can’t change the past
But I can begin again

Three hundred sixty five days in a row
You were the first to leave I was the last to know
Lotta’ nights I wished I’d begged you not to go
But I get it now thought I should tell you so

I wouldn’t trade those days
Not in a million years
Hearing you walk away
Was sweet and clear

 - December 2022 -                                                                                                                  #640