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I was sittin’ on a log a wonderin’
‘Bout a funny little verbal somethin’
That I heard somebody say here in Tennessee

What I think I heard was Bazinga
Thought it had a special kinda’ ringa’
So I kinda’ got to startin’ to thinka’ well what does that mean?

Since the internet is so damn vast
And other folks had already asked
I looked it up and got a couple answers right away

So I figured I’d write this tune
Just to share a couple things with you
About all of the things that bazinga implicates

It’s sports cafe in India and a hiking trail in Michigan
A burger joint in Norway and small cafe in Turkey
It’s tailor down in Mexico a comic shop in Texas
A Pakistani game store and a tech firm in Vancouver

It’s a dog in California and a jellyfish down under
A team at Los Medanos and a New York party planner
It’s a house in Garden City and a nonmagnetic crystal
A beauty shop in Estonia and a bee in South America

Now the world wide web is waitin’
Real knowledgeable and patient
For the next time I wanna’ learn a couple more things-a

From a statement on the X-Files
To an old Wisconsin alehouse
Dear internet thanks for teachin’ me ‘bout Bazinga

 - October 2020 -                                                                                                                      #407