Batter Up

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I was a child I was a baby boy
First RBI I ever saw
They passed the bases without a noise
In front of me and pa

Watched his face while the crowd it cheered
It was clear he had opinions
And I wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here
Chewin’ chili dogs and listenin’

Batter up young man
Nine innings that’s an all-star life
Today’s the top of one
Just warmin’ up the lights

Someday you’ll win the series
But tonight it’s batter up

I asked him what it takes to run it home
To nail a knuckleball
What he said was easy come and easy go
You can’t hit ‘em all

Swing the bat the way you wanna’ swing
Run the bases when it’s time
No one player can hit everything
But might as well keep tryin’

 - August 2021 -                                                                                                                        #497