All Hat And No Cattle

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All hat and no cattle all bark and no bite
If you’d a told me I’d a stayed home tonight
Tried to be patient but I ran outta’ luck
I don’t seem to be able to give one single fumbling care right now

All bread and no butter all spark and no flame
House keeps on winnin’ I’m losin’ again
Time marches forward and the later it gits
I just keepin thinkin’ how I’m sick of this charade

All mouth and no trousers all balls and no strikes
Guess you done fooled me once more than twice
Here I am lonesome and drunk in a ditch
Can’t find my lighter ain’t that a big let down

All sizzle no ribeye all work and no play
No steak for my Stetson no A-1 today
Sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes the truck
But somehow you always seem to get fudged on your hands

 - October 2020 -                                                                                                                         #402