A Tale Of Two Tacos

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One loose piece of lettuce can really do you in
So can a misplaced cheddar chunk
This here’s the story of two unlikely friends
Meeting on their way to Sunday brunch

Taco number one was looking good as good can look
All until she lost an iceberg leaf
Chef was searching high and low through all his cooking books
For tips on getting over missing greens

Now taco number two had been self-conscious all its life
Without a spec of cheese those 15 minutes
Of course it did have lots of veggies, sour cream, and spice
And delicious shredded free range chicken in it

Just before the customers gave up and walked away
The chef miraculously solved his dilemma
He swapped some cheese and lettuce so the tacos both should taste
Like perfect gourmet custom daily specials

The moral of this story actually there’s more than one
First up tough times require measures drastic
Second is creative answers can make learning fun
And finally that tacos are fantastic

 - August 2020 -                                                                                                                               #384