A Mouse Dreams Of Becoming A Tree. A Tree Dreams Of Becoming A Bird.

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Tiny claws on the hardwood floor
Whiskers twitching in the dark
Beady little eyes and heartbeat like a drum
Listening closely for the part

When someone’s clumsy thumbs
Fumble with the crumbs
Which tumble down into my empty grasp
The only way I know
As this beggar down below
Get away far and get away fast

Dreaming dreams of rising from the earth
My brittle bones made of wood
Leaves are reaching to collect the morning dew
How I wish I could

Toughen up and trust
Muster up the stuff
Just enough to keep control
But then I run again
Turn my tail and then
Spend the bitter end in a hole

And somewhere someone’s flying
And I know how they feel
And all I want is roots to hold me down
The getaways are fleeting
The learn to stays are hard
The listen closely but don’t make a sound

 - March 2019 -                                                                              #267