A Girl Named Elizabeth

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A girl named Elizabeth likes her vodka with a lime
And when she says “I love you” it sounds different every time
With a paint brush full of memories and a look you can’t define
She will watch the fading colors as the stars begin to climb

Yes a girl named Elizabeth needs a little special touch
It’s when she doesn’t speak at all she’s telling you so much
In the morning you can see her at a lighthouse on the beach
In her mind you’ll find the kind of dreams that seem just out of reach
There’s a crumpled paper airplane in the corner of her room
And her favorite flannel shirt, it kinda’ smells like her perfume

Now, a girl named Elizabeth needs to know she has a friend
Or she’ll stay in bed forever until she hears her name again
And in the early evening when you try to hold her hand
You can tell she really wants to but she doesn’t understand

How to give you something like you never had before
And how to be the woman you were always looking for
So can she drive you to the highway, what’s your favorite time of year,
Does she ask too many questions – do you want to grab a beer?

A girl named Elizabeth has a different kind of heart
She remembers every boy who said “We’ll never be apart”
When it’s raining in Chicago she is passed out in the aisle
Of a Greyhound back to Portland with a suitcase and a smile

In a beat up pair of sneakers and that pink and yellow dress
You won’t even know it’s over ‘til she’s gone and you’re a mess
So when your heart is in the basement and your eyes can’t see a thing
You won’t forget a girl named Elizabeth

 - January 2013 -                                                                      #074