82nd Street Sideways

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Hotwired a ‘64 Caddy high as a kite
A piece of steel in my left hand, I’m thinking I just might
Cross 82nd Street sideways, call up my long lost friend
Dig for a dime in the ashtray, close my eyes and descend

We’re going out to the graveyard
We’re gonna’ learn about pain
We’re headed 32 miles south of Highway 59
We’re gonna’ dig in your veins

I used to bathe in the river when I was three-foot-nine
The sound of bones made me shiver, drove me barefoot and blind
I’ve seen you under the floodlights try to dance away your debt
But all the drugs you can buy and the sex you can sell hasn’t helped you yet

Now baby, I’m not a hustler, and I’m not a thief
At my worst, I’m a gambler…I bet that’s a relief
No need to reach for your wallet, I’m not after your gold
I see the future and you drew a seven, I’m here for your soul

 - February 2011 -                                                                       #066