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I’m a frayed backseat soul sleepless nights 
Getting sit on and spit on and torn 
Between dusk dawn and daylight is gray light 
Where memories love lost is born 

I’m watching the lines trailing behind 
Been driving so long I think I lost my mind 
It’s lonely and long, this road I pursue 
But I’ll be just fine if it leads back to you, princess 

Sometimes I hide in the dark 
Because I know that I can’t win this game 
So look to the leaves in your teacup 
While the winter wind whispers my name 

I’m watching your eyes look to the skies 
It may not mean much but I’m yours ‘til I die 
Further from home with each passing day 
The winter gets colder with each step away, princess

 - November 2002 -                                                                   #024