Jeff Bridges You Beautiful Bastard

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So if we get reborn, if there’s an afterlife
And if we get to pick before the time arrives
I’d go for something new, you know I’d change my tune
A little levity, a little brevity, I wanna’ be The Dude

What happens when we die? A lot of people say
At the T.O.D. the soul flies away
I wonder what’s the scoop, and do we get to choose
So how’s my karma, and what the hell is dharma, I wanna’ be The Dude

Clearly I was sleeping in philosophy class
When all the kids were talkin’ ‘bout Immanuel Kant
But every time Lebowski got a network broadcast
All four of my eyes were pressed right up to the glass

I bet Buscemi’s chill, and Goodman knows the deal
You know beyond the grave they’re gonna’ keep it real
We’re in a world of pain, so when this life is through
I’m singing the Eagles, and bowling with Jesus, I wanna’ be The Dude

I’m out of my element, so just for the hell of it
Reincarnate me as The Dude

How about a White Russian? Hey, end of discussion
In my next life I wanna’ be The Dude

 - October 2014 -                                                                    #084