100 Days of Stars

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Heartbreak don’t mean nothing when the sunlight hits the dash
All you need is courage now, and a little bit of cash
Let the only reason that you left it all behind
Be the best regret to keep tomorrow on your mind

All across the country there are boys and girls like you
On the verge of breaking but instead make something new
No one gets to steal the things you carry in your heart
Ease the clutch back slowly, let the trouble fall apart

And the highway isn’t lonely with an A.M. radio
And the daylight stays forever and you’re never all alone
And a child in New York City waves a watermelon smile
All the old mistakes seem silly, and you’re weightless for awhile

Try to taste the morning with the palette of Van Gogh
Reach behind your seat for that cassette of Counting Crows
Look at all the license plates and all the states they’re from
Each one is a painting of something you could become

New Orleans is forever, maybe Austin is as well
Sushi, coffee, cigarettes, we gave each other hell
Eleven years of silence and a hundred days of stars
Funny how Toronto waits for me and my guitar

Some of us see time as walking forward in a line
For me it’s all slow motion and right now it’s on rewind
To a place where something’s sacred and we both have what we need
For a better life by morning on the road alone and free

 - September 2013 -                                                              #078