27th Letter

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I’m inventing a 27th letter
To add to the old 26
Etching the edges crafting the curves
Pulling out all my tricks

Got no complaints of the others
They’ve all been real good to me
But there’s just enough room for one more
Somewhere between A and Z

I want to describe what it looks like
Except the design isn’t done
And anyway spoiling surprises
That wouldn’t be any fun

Trust me you’re all gonna’ thank me
From the look to the sound to the feel
By putting it into a sentence
You give it a whole new appeal

Is it changing the meaning? Not really,
Just enhancing the flavor a touch
And pronouncing it couldn’t be easier
You’re just gonna’ love it so much

What is the name for this letter?
I think I should let you decide
As long as I’m getting the credit
Call it whatever you like

 - March 2019 -                                                                                   #266