222 Years

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No wonder everything changed it’s a miracle for the latter day aints
Unhooked from whatever cart was in front of the horse
Always and everywhere still to feel the wind in the daffodils
Presenting nothing but rich and enduring remorse

It took me 222 years to sort the truth from the lies my dear
Two plus two plus two does not equal one
We just got 222 more 12th of Septembers on the bathroom floor
You plus me plus you and I’m back on the run

Dusty fingers rusty ringers lusting lingers in the sand
Lying broken flying choking try and open up your hands
Ever after will the waterfalls be free ‘til we’re long gone you and me
Could not help but to ignite the Christmas tree dance in the burning wonderland

4 more fragile seasons
21 years old
‘67 Chevy
8 million hands to hold
50 shades of empty
120 bucks
.38 revolver
0 givafux

 - September 2016 -