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100 Days of Stars
27th Letter
28 Reasons Not To Love You
222 Years
3,000 Miles
82nd Street Sideways
9th of March


A Bird Can Only Sing
A Couple Miles From Town
A Girl Named Elizabeth
A Mouse Dreams...
A Pair Of Strangers
A Sinner Like Me
Ain't On The Map
All I Can Do Is Pray
Almost Lovers
Angel On A Wire
Any Which Way
Asking For A Friend


Back Where I Belong
Before I Get To Heaven
Better Days
Between Love And Addiction
Big Dumb World
Booty Tornado
Building A City
By The Light Of An Exit Sign
By The Way


Calling On The One
Can't Call You Baby
Cardboard Heart
Christmas on Clinton and Delancey
Combination To My Heart


Dance In The Sun
Dangerous Curves
Dark Days
Dear Jerry
Deep Below The Pines
Didn't You
Diecast Aeroplane
Do You Wanna Be Right Or Do You Wanna' Be Happy
Dog Tags And A Wedding Ring
Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm Halfway There
Double Branch Road


East Sky
Easy Answers
Eight Million Drunken Prophets
Emotional Amnesia
Even On A Bad Day
Eyes And Ears Alive
Eyes And Ears Alive (redux)


Fake Song
Fast Enough
Figure 1
Filling Out Forms
First Five Steps
Five Across Is You
Five Below
Flowers Are For Suckers
For Paula
For The Record
Forget Everything You Heard About Oklahoma
Fran's Eastside Tavern
From Me To You
From Up Here


George Clinton For President
Give Two Shits
God & You
Got The Wrong Guy
Good and Lost
Grand Finale
Grandma's Gone Rogue
Greater Than I Am Today


Have You Seen This Man
He Said She Said
He's Coming Back For Me
Heart Does Not Want
Heaven Is Now
Heavy Smoke From The Home On Granville Road
Help Me Off The Floor
Hey Cowboy
Hold A Candle
Hold That Thought
Hole In My Chest
Hope You're Hearing This
Hospital Coffee
How Did I End Up Here
How Does That Help Me Tonight


I Don't Wanna' Lose That Spark
I Dream Of You
I Found God In A Country Song
I Left My Love
I Like You
I Want To Live
I'll Still Love You
I'll Wait
I'm Not In Love
I'm Not Surprised
If I Didn't Know You At All
If I Drown
If Lucy Calls
If You're Happy And You Know It, Something's Wrong
In My Next Life
In The Rain
Irony is Not a Type of Metal
It's A Date
It's Over And You Lost The War


Jeff Bridges You Beautiful Bastard
Jesus Drove My Ass Down To Nashville
JFK to Dublin
July in Indiana
Just Like New
Just This Side Of The Line


Keep The Lights
Keeping Score
Kick Your Feet Up
King Of Everything
Kiss Me Right (If You're Gonna' Kiss Me At All)
Knife To A Gun Fight


Last Goodbye
Last Man Standing
Last Thing That I See
Learning How To Walk
Leave The Rest
Lemme' Give You A Ride
Less Beautiful
Letter and a Picture
Lie To You
Living Medium
Long Game
Love Got The Better Of Me
Love Is
Lynda With A Y


Made For Joy
Make Space For Magic
Make Time For You
Many Ways To Break A Heart
Marry Maria
Master Plan
Maybe God Is In The Change
Me Encanta Alguien
Me Was Try
Memory Of A Lover
Midnight Sun (Take It Easy)
Money In The Bank
More To Love
Motionless At Last
Motor City
My Dad Is A Bad Ass
My Town


Never Met You
New Best Friend
New Strings On An Old Guitar
New Years For Everybody Else
No Lights On The Back Of The Tree
No Middle Name
No Rest For The Wicked
Nobody Flirts Like Me
North Dakota
Not My President
Not Too Late
Not Yet
Nothing On Earth
Now Hiring (Inquire Within)
Nowhere Is Somewhere


Oh Yes You Can
Oil In Water
Okay, Liza
On A Night Like This
One Foot In The Grave
One Hundred Ninety Nine
One More Day

One Of A Kind
Opposite Day
Other Me
Over Before It Began


Parts of Arkansas
Password Protected
Pero Yo Sí
Person Of The Year
Phoning It In
Piece By Piece
Plastic Machete
Playin' With Fireworks
Please Be Sweet
Pour Me A Story
Pretty Excellent Whatever
Price Of Admission
Promise (My Ecstasy)
Puerto Rico What Is Your Secret


Q & A
Quarter Inch Of Rain
Queue The Questions
Quiche & Tell
Quite A Ride


Real Specific
Remember That Summer
Remind Me Not To Cry
Rich Man's Gloves
Riding On Rims
Right Here
Running Wild


Said No One Ever
Say It While I Can
See You Soon
Sera Says
Seven Digits
She Believes In Me
She Speaks For Me
Side Effects
Slow It Down
Somewhere Better Now
Song for Leslie
Special Place In Hell
Spitting On Cars
Step Into My Office
Sunday Morning
Sunday Night


Take It From Me
Take Me Where I've Never Been Before
Tear It Down And Build It Up Again
Ten Ton Crush
That's The Kind Of Girl
The Man You Think I Am
The Man Upstairs
The Reckoning
The Seat Right Beside Me
There's No Telling Where I'd Be
This Heart Is Ocean Bound
This Is Not Rock And Roll
This One's For You
Thousand Miles Away
Time For Love
To Heidi, With Love (I Was Looking At Her, But I Was Thinking Of You)
Too High To Cry
Traces Of You
Trade Places With You
Trust In My Love
Two To Tango


Un Alma De Calor
Under The Same Old Lights
Underneath The Hood
Until Such Time As The Morning Comes For Me
Up In Arms


Vampire in Reverse
Venice After Dark
Victimless Crime
Vote For Me


Waiting For April
Walk Away
Walking Home Again
Wall Or No Wall
Welcome To The Human Race
What Do You Want Me To Say
What Don't I Know
What I Meant To Say
What I Wouldn't Do
What Makes You Think That I'll Be Home Tonight
When Do You Leave For L.A.
When I'm Not Around
Where I Came From (I Think I Forgot)
Where Is Margot Robbie When You Need Her
Where You Used To Be
Why Didn't I Think Of That
Why Does It Rain
Writing Bad Lyrics Is Better Than Writing No Lyrics


X Is For Eyes
Xerox Of Her Hand
Xmas Breakfast
X-Ray Vision


Yellow Petals
You Can Kill The Paperboy
You Won't Hear From Me Tonight
Your Friday Afternoon
Your Soul Is A Million Souls


Zero Percent Chance of Participation
Zinea (Upside Down)
Zombie Lover

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