"Fresh breathe of air
...raw and relatable lyrics"

- Dev Gillespie, Full Blast Magazine
(New York, NY)

"A weathered and soulful voice ... reminiscent of early Old 97s"

- John Schacht, Creative Loafing
(Charlotte, NC)

"Memorable melodies with relatable, story-like lyrics"

- Tony Porter, Music That Isn't Bad
(Minneapolis, MN)

"Voluble, whimsical philosopher-humorist and mischievous ironist"

- Tony Sauro, Stockton Record
(Stockton, CA)

"A thoughtful and intelligent, word driven man"

- Jeanette Madden, High Plains Reader
(Fargo, ND)

"Deeply original lyrics and just the right amount of quirk going for him"

- Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show
(Durham, NC)

"The right amount of poetry and musicality ... concise and controlled"

- Bryan Archilla, Niner Times
(Charlotte, NC)

"Breathy warm croons [ and ] ragged howls ... poignant and profound lyrical musings"

- Leilani Polk, Creative Loafing
(Tampa Bay, FL)

"He has come out from a difficult situation ... and has begun to tell his story in his songs."

- Rich Palmer, Audio Gumshoe
(Cincinnati, OH)

"The way he phrases his words leaves you hanging on"

- Kennita Hickman, MKE Magazine
(Milwaukee, WI)

"Joyous music"

- Dana Rachlin, Greenpoint Gazette
(Brooklyn, NY)

"He is a hell of a songwriter."

- Colby Pelzel, Americana Reviews
(Odessa, TX)

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