Some artists with whom James has shared the stage:

Union Pulse

James' rock band from Wisconsin
spanning 10 years, 6 albums,
nearly 70 musicians and over
800 concerts.

Werewolf Sequence

Martin Jack Rosenblum's coup de grace; Redding on electric guitar, piano, backing vocals and auxiliary percussion.

John McLaughlin & the Rogues

Retro 5-piece featuring James on keyboard and electric guitar and Union Pulse drummer Dave Zimmerman.

Last Request

Pop country covers with Redding on bass guitar and backing vocals alongside Union Pulse guitarist Erik Severson.

Texas Dave & Friends

James on drums, guitar, or bass as needed for one of Wisconsin's most prolific and profound
songwriters, Dave Matzner.

Brandon Patyon-Carrillo and the Love Is Loud!!

Post-punk quartet treading the line between pop and art, Redding on bass guitar and backing vocals.

The Summer Replacements

Eric Vetter's old school R&B group & house band for No Name comedy series, features James on drums & guitar.

Mark Adams, Son of Bill 

Grunge and hard rock trio of deceptively brilliant songwriting, formerly with Redding as bass guitarist and backing vocalist.

Minor Street Strings

Bluegrass quartet out of
Memphis giving new life to old songs, briefly joined by James on acoustic guitar.

Hillbilly Blitzkrieg

Hard drinking jam band with eclectic set list ranging from Skynyrd to Springsteen to Green Day, co-founded by Redding on bass guitar.

Kelso Gin Whitney

Vision and talent as bittersweet and enigmatic as Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Townes Van Zandt; occasionally featuring James on 2nd guitar.

Eulogy Club

Alt-pop meets psych-rock in Colin Fitzgerald's music, sometimes solo but other times in full indie assembly with Redding on drum set.

Last Canyon Band

A concept band placing James as drummer alongside electric violin innovator Allen Russell.

Binky Tunny

Legendary rock/metal frontwoman for whom James opened, Binky later invited James to sit in on guitar.

Under Wicked Moon

Outlaw blues by Dr. Rosenblum with a rhythm section comprised 2/3 of Union Pulse.

Mary Fakhoury

Chicago native bringing pop music and fantasy narrative together, guest featuring James on acoustic guitar.